Malaysische Bergleute stehlen Strom

The investigation of the Malaysian police led to the identification of the illegal mining of cryptocurrencies. Miners connected to power grids and stole energy

In a couple of months, the fraudsters stole $2 million worth of electricity. During the investigation, 1,746 BTC mining farms were confiscated. The total cost of the equipment exceeds 64,000.

However, the law breakers could not be found. That's a big challenge.

The discovered mining farms were installed on the top floor of the shopping center. This allowed not to fall into the sight of the authorities. Everyone was confused by the high level of noise and electricity consumption.

The incident is very serious. Mining requires a lot of electricity. In general, mining consumes more electricity per day than residents of Argentina.

Therefore, it is necessary to detect illegal mining in a timely manner, as well as to look for more environmentally friendly and economical sources of energy.

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