Das FBI klebt Betrugszeichen an Krypto-Geldautomaten

The FBI began to post warning signs on cryptomats to inform users about possible fraud. This was stated by representatives of the department of Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Bureau employees issued an official warning to citizens that fraudsters around the world are actively using bitcoin ATMs to get funds from those who use the machine. According to a report by the feds, attackers are still using popular and proven “schemes”. Like the one when your "son" calls you at night, whom you never had, or "grandson", despite the fact that you are 25, and other equally ridiculous ways of deception. However, if those who are younger do not believe in this, then the older generation is more difficult to recognize the tricks. Cryptocurrencies, in turn, allowed scammers to reach a new level, not only using them as a tool of deception but also for withdrawing funds received by fraud.

Cryptomats are becoming more widespread in the United States every year. Due to this, the attackers, after deceiving the victim, do not hesitate to immediately send it to the nearest bitcoin ATM with a specific wallet number, so that they send them a ransom using a smartphone. Or they give the victim a personal QR code to replenish their crypto wallet.

The FBI staff stressed that the maximum that they can do so far is to warn people about a potential threat in time. Because tracking chains of transactions, especially when there are thousands of them, is a complex undertaking. As an additional way to "sober up" citizens, they came up with signs. Now, if someone runs to an ATM under the influence of a fraudster to send bitcoins to his wallet, he will see a sign informing that he is simply being deceived, and the attacker himself is a manipulator who has no “compromising evidence” on a person trying to replenish the swindler's account.

The FBI aims to convey the simple message that the government, ISPs, and even more so utilities will not ask for bitcoins, since almost all of them do not yet accept payments in digital currency equivalents. Once most people understand this, this type of deception will die out. The only pity is that something new will come to replace it very quickly.

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