Der Schöpfer des gefälschten Trezor hat AppStore-Benutzern 1,6 Millionen US-Dollar gestohlen

Apple and Google are constantly criticised by users for the plentiful number of fake crypto applications, luring money in the equivalent of digital currencies from gullible citizens. One of them was the fake Trezor app.

Apple has already removed the app from its AppStore store several times, but it still appeared there a few days later. The latest victim of the scam was Philippe Christodoulou, who lost almost all savings in Bitcoins worth more than $900,000.

According to Christodoul, he searched the Trezor app in AppStore to check the balance of his Bitcoin wallet on his smartphone, unaware that Trezor does not offer customers an iOS app. Philip even drew attention to the assessment of the fake mobile app Trezor, which had 5 stars on display, and then downloaded it to a smartphone.

Now the user believes that the techno giant must be punished for ignoring fraudulent applications. But Philippe Christodoulou is not the only one who has lost his savings in cryptocurrencies. According to some reports, the fake Trezor managed to earn $1.6 million before it was finally removed from the digital store.

According to Apple, such programs use the "bait-and-switch" scheme. The essence is to create the most authentic application to the original and "drive" the bots, putting positive ratings.

Apple declined to comment on how often such fakes are found in AppStore, but reported that in the past year alone, they have removed about 6,500 fake apps from The AppStore.

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