Das Mina-Protokoll kann x1000 Gewinn bringen

Mina Protocol is one of the promising projects of 2021, providing users with the lightest and most scalable blockchain with a size of 22 kilobytes, which is the equivalent of a few tweets. At the same time, the Bitcoin blockchain contains over 315 gigabytes of data.

Instead of brute computational power, the Mina team tried to make sure that all participants in the network could quickly synchronize in it and complete transaction confirmations in a few seconds. The project uses advanced cryptography and zk-SNARKs, which ensure the proper degree of user confidentiality and proof of ownership of data without direct disclosure. That is, instead of checking the complete chain from beginning to end, participants can use recursive zero-knowledge proofs zk-SNARK.

Mina Protocol invites developers to run dApps within the ecosystem. The first of these is the Teller Finance landing protocol. It invites clients to confirm their personal credit rating without disclosing information about it to third parties. There is sufficient evidence that a certain value has been exceeded.

Mina representatives explained this possibility by the fact that it is enough to connect to a site that stores information about the credit rating of a particular client, and then give the person who made the request proof of exceeding a certain rating value, which will be enough for him to make a particular decision on the loan.

The project was launched on March 23 and almost immediately entered into a partnership with CoinList, thanks to which the developers were able to raise over 18.75 million through the token sale. More than 40,000 people took part in it, and the tokens were sold out in just 4 hours.

The attention of the Mina Protocol team is focused on forging a private gateway between the real world and cryptocurrencies, creating a reliable infrastructure for the decentralised future that most crypto enthusiasts have long deserved.

Mina is:

  • Profitability and confidentiality of the private network, compatible with the functionality of the public network
  • Minimum cost of transactions without centralised intermediaries
  • Decentralised applications using reliable zk-SNARKs
  • Fair criteria for making decisions on the part of lenders and full transparency of the ecosystem

All this and dozens of other factors make it possible to say with confidence that MINA tokens will bring their investors 1000-fold profit in the foreseeable future.

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