Koreas Bithumb zur Verschärfung der Geldwäschemaßnahmen

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb intends to tighten anti-money laundering measures. As part of this, the crypto exchange has imposed restrictions on trading accounts that have been registered in jurisdictions where money laundering methods are negligible.

As an additional check on the lack of methods of money laundering, the operator of the South Korean exchange will also introduce enhanced KYC checks and specialised solutions to investigate suspicious payment chains.

The exchange, which processes between $4.5 billion and $6.3 billion in daily transactions from 1 million customers per day, has already faced challenges in the form of police investigations in 2020. Therefore, its leadership is not eager to again fall under the suspicion of local, and even more so, international regulators.

The accounts that will be subject to restrictions include countries that are on the "enhanced monitoring" and "high risk" list. These include those who do not follow the proper measures to combat financial crimes, because of the reputation of the cryptocurrency exchange suffers.

Among the countries of "enhanced monitoring" are Myanmar, Iceland, Barbados and 15 more states. Iran and the DPRK belong to the "risk" group. All records created in these countries are frosen, and new accounts will be immediately blocked.

Bithumb enlisted the support of Octa Solution, Dow Jones Risk & Compliance and Chainalysis to implement anti-money laundering solutions.

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