Kanadische Ethereum-ETFs erhielten beim Start 138 Millionen US-Dollar

The top three ETH ETFs received a "start" of $138M. And although the trades do not yet reach the volume of BTC ETFs in Canada this winter, the interest in ETH is impressive.

CI Global Asset, Purpose and Evolve are responsible for leading ETH ETFs.They all trade their ETFs on the main Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange. Investors have shown an active interest in the product, since not all of them want to worry about things like working with digital money directly, so they don't have to worry about the safety of their assets.

Galaxy Digital's partner, Global Asset, has boosted its sales from $22 million to $79 million at the time of writing. At the same time, Purpose's sales totaled more than $20 million in its first day, and is now over $54 million. As for the Evolve company, it managed to achieve a much more modest performance by selling ETFs of $5 million.

Comparing the Ethereum ETF with the Bitcoin ETF, Purpose traded $80M in just the first hour, while Evolve managed to raise more than $420M. It seems that the difference is significant, and it certainly is. But also do not forget that almost six months have passed since the launch of the Bitcoin ETF, and less than a week has passed since the launch of the Ethereum ETF. Not to mention the fact that the popularity of these two dominant assets on the crypto market is also different.

The SEC is still confident that the US market is not yet ready for cryptocurrency ETFs, since, according to regulators, it lends itself well to manipulation. Although eminent analysts are confident that the SEC will soon approve the crypto ETF and hint at the start of the first Bitcoin ETF this year, since now the American regulator already has 8 applications from major financial market players on the table.

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