Bitcoin Gold steigt aufgrund eines Anlegerfehlers auf 113 USD

The cost of one Bitcoin Gold token is now $98.29 on the Binance crypto exchange. But how did it happen that a long-forgotten coin, which has not been interesting to most traders since the winter of 2018, suddenly became relevant?

Investors mistakenly "revived" the rate of one of the almost forgotten forks of Bitcoin Gold (BTG), after which the token grew by 173%, and the daily trading volume broke through the $250 million mark.

This happened due to confusion with the Bitcoin fund of one of the Brazilian banks BTG Pactual. The bank began cooperating with the Gemini crypto exchange to store and manage assets using a ticker similar to the bitcoin fork, which attracted the attention of tens of thousands of buyers.

After the news about the partnership with BTG Pactual appeared on the official Gemini blog on April 5, the Bitcoin fork rate jumped from $39.90 to $102.52 on Binance in less than a week! Now the buzz around him continues, since yesterday the coin cost $93.67.

In response to the ongoing madness, some representatives of the crypto community jokingly noted that the industry has yet to grow, since people have enough similarity in letters to confuse a bitcoin fund with a fork of the main cryptocurrency.

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