TIDEX NFT T-Shirt Bergbau startet im September

The NFT world's biggest breakthrough product this year is arguably TIDEX's range of cutting-edge NFT T-shirts.

Available in classic and premium versions priced at $750 and $1250, respectively, these T-shirts are the epitome of the rapidly growing wear-to-earn (W2E) sector that's blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds. 

TIDEX NFT T-shirts are available in both physical and virtual forms and are unique digital assets that allow users to mine various cryptocurrencies. Currently, the classic T-shirt exclusively mines the TDX token, while owners of the premium version can choose to mine a range of tokens traded on the TIDEX exchange, including TDX, ETH, USDT, BTC, VELAS, TON and WAVES.  

The physical version of the TIDEX T-shirt has a design on its front that, when scanned with a modern smartphone, reveals vibrant animated artworks using the camera's built-in AR filters. Whether in the office or at the annual crypto cnference, anyone wearing one of these is sure to find themselves the center of everyone's attention. 

Although this is undoubtedly a fun and impressive feature of the T-shirt, it's not the reason why people buy one. The primary function of the T-shirt is to earn its owner tokens by mining cryptocurrency. And this is where it gets interesting, and this unique T-shirt really comes into its own. From September, owners can start mining and earn themselves unlimited passive income from their purchases. 



Mining is facilitated by an app named TidexVerse, a blockchain-based gaming platform centered around the NFT T-shirt. TIDEX's team of developers worked alongside ANITIX, the legendary game and animation developers behind famous titles like Dota 2, Star Wars, S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 and Love Death & Robots, to create the new app. 

T-shirt owners mine cryptocurrency through the TidexVerse app by playing mixed reality games (think Pokemon Go), where they navigate the real and virtual worlds to collect tokens. Therefore, this T-shirt isn't just wear-to-earn; it also incorporates move-to-earn and play-to-earn technologies at the same time. 

By offering their owners unlimited earning potential, as you can imagine, demand for these T-shirts is high. Also, the number of units is limited to just 10,000; therefore, a buoyant secondary market is expected to grow where who knows how much the T-shirts will be selling for a short time from now? And, the owners don't need to go far to sell. The TIDEX platform offers its own NFT marketplace where T-shirt owners can easily access everything needed to buy and sell NFTs.

TIDEX's NFT T-shirts demonstrate the incredible potential that blockchain offers. Only two or three years ago, we were all introduced to terms like wear-to-earn and play-to-earn concepts. Today, these concepts are a reality; they are providing us all with serious earning opportunities. The launch of TidexVerse in September will undoubtedly lead to other opportunities that even TIDEX themselves haven't thought of yet. This is what makes the blockchain industry so exciting and worth getting engaged with. 

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