Iran vergibt Lizenzen an 30 Bitcoin-Miner

Iran has issued an official license to 30 Bitcoin miners amid falling hash rates. Experts believe that the latter was the reason for the softening of the position of the local authorities.

Iran is one of the largest mining hubs, but the crypto community is not doing so well here either. In June there was news of 7,000 seized cryptocurrency mining devices. In the summer months, according to the authorities, the load created by mining on the local power grid would be critical, which could again lead to interruptions and even blackouts in large cities of the country. In addition, one must take into account the fact that now is the driest period due to the lack of rain.

Licenses were assigned to six mining centers located in Semnan province, four centers in Alborz province, as well as miners from Mazandaran, East Azerbaijan, and Zanjan. The smallest amount of licenses from regulators was obtained in Tehran province. So far, only one license has been issued there.

As for the permits for the placement of capacities, they were issued many times more. Of the 2,579 total permits, 305 were in Zanjan province, 262 were issued to the owners of miners from Fars, and another 247 permits were received by entrepreneurs from Western Azerbaijan.

Representatives of the country have not yet been able to form a clear attitude towards cryptocurrencies, so local miners have to put up with regular mood swings from the authorities. Experts, in turn, agree that mining and the crypto industry could become a “lifeline” for the Iranian economy. However, the decree of the country's President Hassan Rouhani that all mining activities should be stopped by September 22 is still in force, and it is not known whether the state apparatus intends to revise or cancel it.

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