Chinesische Investitionen retten den iranischen Bergbau

The China-Iranian Bitcoin mining center announced that it will soon resume operations after being forced to close 4 months ago.

The mining farm in the Iranian city of Rafsanjan was founded in 2019 and today is the largest data center in the Middle East. At the time of active work, it consumed more than 175 MWh, which is one third of the total cryptomining capacity in Iran.

According to IranWire, a large-scale mining farm has been resumed due to financial injections from Chinese investors. Although in January the enterprise was forced to go on a long "vacation" due to the fact that the country had a global blackout.

Rafsanjan City Council, led by Hossein Jalali, said the flow of investment in the data center should not be missed. At the same time, residents of the city are nervous that the opening will continue without first checking how it might affect the power grids throughout Rafsanjan.

China is investing heavily in Bitcoin mining in the Southeast Special Economic Zone as part of a 25-year cooperation pact with Iran. In addition, Chinese laws force many cryptominers to leave the country due to expensive electricity, finding alternative solutions in other world states. One of which is Iran with its cheap tariffs.

But Iranian miners are not very happy with the presence of Chinese “colleagues” in the country, claiming that they make their activities much less profitable. In particular, local enterprises associated with the extraction of cryptocurrency suffer from them. Meanwhile, local environmentalists argue that the air quality in major cities has become noticeably worse after the vigorous activity of miners of digital currencies.

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