Chia ist ein umweltfreundlicher Festplattenkiller

In Asia, the "green" Bitcoin was invented. We talk about the new cryptocurrency Chia, which can be mined on hard drives!

Chia Network is a chinese startup, which aims to make tokens more “green” by “reinventing” them. The project is led by Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent. The newly minted cryptocurrency received the XCH ticker.

Thinking more broadly, the project team seeks to draw the attention of representatives of large financial companies, corporations, as well as those involved in large-scale data warehouses to their blockchain, whether it be buying or selling. The green token is based on a new concept of Proof of Space and Time. It looks a bit like Filecoin. Miners or, as their name is, the creators of the coin - farmers provide a certain amount of free space to store files on their media and receive a certain reward for participating in the project.

Proof of Space and Time “eats up” several times less electricity and solves one of the urgent problems in the crypto community, about which the head of Ripple was most actively sprayed excess energy consumption.

Unfortunately, no consensus model is complete without flaws. In the case of PoST consensus, it was primarily the potential download of viruses to the hard drive of one of the network's clients, after which a large-scale infection of other devices connected to it can occur.

An imminent shortage of media can become a significant disadvantage for all computer hardware lovers. If hard drives are required for mining, in a pandemic, manufacturers may simply not have enough capacity to meet demand, as was previously the case with video cards.

In China, miners have already begun to actively buy SSD and HDD media from 4 to 18 TB. But the “eco-miners” did not calm down on this - they began to buy less capacious discs. One of the major drive manufacturers Jiahe Jinwei announced that even 1 and 2 TB models have been sold out. The company is already working on a kind of "limiter". But earlier, Nvidia already had a very sad experience in "limiting" its RTX 3060. Then, less than a month later, the miners bypassed the "protection".

It is too early to think about the global shortage of storage devices. However, this does not prevent millions of gamers from panicking popular web resources. On the other hand, they can be understood. Taking into account that Asian analysts predict growth of prices for hard drives almost threefold against the background of wild demand from 26 to 77 dollars!

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