startet eine eigene NFT-Plattform

Cryptocurrency exchange with its headquarters in Hong Kong announced the launch of its trading platform for the sale of NFT tokens. Unlike most NFT auctions, where each user can present their work, the platform will focus on cooperation with celebrities.

They will be show business stars, world-renowned athletes, famous actors, composers and artists. In general, those artists whose "genius" was recognised by people around the globe. In addition, the site will be available exclusively in the format of invitations.

Among the biggest partners of the include the English carmaker Aston Martin, digital artist BossLogic, British composer Boy George, rapper Snoop Dogg and a person familiar to all who enjoyed the recently thundered Clubhouse - Axel Mansour. In addition to them, many American pop artists have joined the project, through which the project team hopes to draw even more attention to the NFT trend.

The first work presented on the trading floor was a digital picture of BossLogic called "Greater Heights" depicting a whale. Given the importance of whales for cryptocurrencies, the choice of the first "lot" of the site turned out to be very symbolic for the crypto community.

Users will be able to pay for it and other works placed on the NFT auction from users will be able to in the equivalent of more than 20 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

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