Spiel-Token AXS wächst in nur drei Tagen um 131%

Axie Infinity is setting records again the gaming token AXS managed to reach another ATH, gaining more than 131% in three days.

According to CoinMarketCap, Axie Infinity NFT game tokens managed to double their value, rising from $15.03 on July 21 to over $29.51 on July 23, and their daily growth exceeded 33%. Currently, the AXS token is trading at $30.95 on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Thanks to this, the development team managed not only to attract even more attention to the project, but also to become the creators of one of the most efficient and profitable tokens since the beginning of 2021. During this time period, its profit exceeds 5000%, and since its launch, AXS has brought investors about 18000% of the profit.

The Axie Infinity developers have repeatedly stated that they view their project as a “nation with a real economy,” allowing all participants to influence economic policy and jointly manage the metaverse. At the time of writing, the game is at $120 million in revenue in July alone, up from $1.92 million in early 2021. At this rate, Delphi Digital analysts predict the game will earn $153 million by the end of this month and break above $1 billion in December 2021.

Considering the play-to-earn concept formed by the developers, Axie Infinity generously rewards players who invest not only their own funds, but also efforts to develop the ecosystem pumping NFT monsters, fighting between them and completing in-game missions and daily tasks, receiving Small Love Potion (SLP) as a reward.

AXS acts as the settlement currency in the game, utilizing the Axies buying and selling fees and their multiplication. As a result, monster owners receive 95% of the income from running their “virtual nursery”. The developers of the Sky Mavis game themselves, however, own 20% of the total emission of AXS tokens.

Of the minuses, the project still has minor problems with server stability, but the team is already working on fixing them. In order to attract interest in Axie Infinity as an esports discipline, they intend to allocate separate servers, which will make the gaming experience even more enjoyable for those who have become regulars of these virtual spaces.

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