Das Tezos-Team enthüllt das Florence-Update

Blockchain platform Tezos has activated its latest Florence protocol. It was the sixth network update and was initiated by Tarides, DaiLambda, Nomadic Labs, and Marigold. Their proposal was supported by more than 59% of community members.

Florence is the second blockchain update by the Tezos team in the last 3 months and contains a number of important bug fixes that previously faced developers and netizens.

Biggest network improvements:

  • The size of operations increased by the command from 16 to 32 kilobytes
  • Gas optimization reducing its consumption when executing smart contracts in the Tezos blockchain, thanks to which even more complex ones can be "economical"
  • Changed order of communication between smart contracts previously it was performed according to the breadth-first model, now it has been replaced by depth-first, that is, designing links between them has become much more intuitive for developers
  • Adjustment of the revision process by disabling Test Chain a function that has never been used in the Tezos economic protocol before

Given the active growth rates of the Tezos protocol, some members of the crypto community have already nicknamed it “the Ethereum killer”. We will be able to check how real all these loud statements are only in the foreseeable future.

The Tezos team, meanwhile, noted a significant increase in user interest in their project, announcing that requests for contracts in the last month exceeded the 1 million mark.

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