Die DLT-Technologie stürzt in der Landwirtschaft ab

Despite the obvious advantages that blockchain promises to business, its promotion in the agricultural sphere is a fiasco. This was discussed the other day at the Australian Blockchain Week

According to Bridie Ohlsson, CEO of Geora, the agricultural industry still lacks the infrastructure that would support integration with blockchain technologies.

According to her, farmers often say your product is great, but I do not have internet on the farm. That is, at this stage it is necessary to modernize the farming, investing in the simplest technologies.

The industry needs major changes, and projects like Geora are at the forefront of change. Gradually, with their help, the situation is changing for the better, but there are still many pitfalls hindering progress.

Because of them, the first blockchain solutions in agriculture, in fact, served as a replacement for Microsoft Excel. They were used to automate paperwork. Freed farmers from paperwork. But few could afford them.

According to Bridie Olson, the limiting factor to this day is the high cost of implementing DLT. Most pilot projects are designed for large corporate structures. These are solutions from BeefChain, AgChain and VeChain.

However, more than 570 million farms in the world simply do not have the necessary funds. And that's unfortunate. Experts hope that the situation will change over time. Blockchain will become an integral part of farming.

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