Die Umfrage unter britischen Investoren liefert unerwartete Ergebnisse

A survey from analysts from Parliament Street revealed sentiment in the UK cryptosphere. The survey involved 2,000 people who consider themselves investors. Including cryptocurrencies

Some of the respondents said that they continue to build up their cryptocurrency portfolio. Others believe that they have missed the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies profitably.

For example, 25% of people said that if they transferred assets to Bitcoin in early 2020, they could get more than $1.2 million in net profit.

30% of respondents believe that it is too late to buy BTC. Time for mass profitable purchases at the bottom is missed. The price of the cryptocurrency has grown from $4,800 to $61,000 in less than a year.

Speaking about the prospects in 2021, 31% believe that the price will rise to $69,000, another 18% of respondents are confident that the price of Bitcoin will rise above $130,000.

Cryptocurrencies vs traditional assets

37% of respondents believe that investments in traditional assets will not bring the expected results. The blame for all inflation, the printing of the currency, undertaken by many states, and the global economic downturn.

The majority of investors spoke in favor of choosing a cryptocurrency. At the same time, 29% of people note that previously, they would not have paid attention to cryptocurrencies if in there was no bullish market of Bitcoin in 2020-2021.

However, in 2021, especially against the background of the activity of institutional investors, cryptocurrencies have become more attractive. 24% of respondents said they paid attention to Bitcoin after Tesla invested in it.

The final question in the survey was what the plans for 2021 were for investors. 55 percent of respondents believe that Bitcoin is unlikely to see the same dizzying rise this year. Therefore, they have no intention to invest in cryptocurrency in 2021.

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