Thailand will japanische Besitzer von Bitcoins anziehen

The local tourism authority said it was ready to revive the tourism sector affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by actively attracting tourists who own Bitcoins

Cryptocurrency holders are profitable potential customers especially the Japanese. They are more active holders of cryptocurrencies than representatives of other countries.

On average, the Japanese own 11% of crypto assets, while the world average of other crypto users is only 7%. Now, when the price of Bitcoin is growing, the benefit of attracting tourists who own cryptocurrencies is much higher.

The young generation of millennials has enough funds to spend. Therefore, the Thai Tourism Authority is considering the addition of cryptocurrencies to pay for tours and tourist services.

This payment method must be approved by the country's Central Bank and tourism operators. Because payments in cryptocurrency must meet the requirements to curb money laundering.

According to the head of the department, the orientation to cryptocurrency may interest Elon Musk, who will visit the country. Otherwise, the prospects for Thailand are not too bright.

The authorities lowered the travel target in 2021 from 10 million to 8 million tourists. An active advertising campaign in Japan and the world will be launched in May.

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