SEC prüft WisdomTree BTC ETF-Anwendung

The application submitted by WisdomTree will be reviewed by the SEC. The regulator has notified about the beginning of the review

The asset management company plans to place BTC-ETF on the Cboe B-X exchange, providing investors with access to an asset with a BTCW ticker. If its application is accepted, the first Bitcoin ETF in U.S. history will be the BTCW.

To date, this is the second application being considered by the commission. In March, it was reported that the SEC had begun reviewing VanEck's application. The rest of the companies are still waiting for their turn.

The introduction of an additional investment tool increases the adoption of cryptocurrency and provides investors with a new way of earning money on Bitcoins. Therefore, so much attention has been drawn to the topic whether the regulator approves the Bitcoin ETF.

We wrote that many analysts are sure that the approval of the ETF will take place no earlier than 1-2 years. So, the question of when regulators approve investments in Bitcoin-ETF is still open. What do you think?

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