Der Chef der norwegischen Zentralbank sieht keine Bedrohung für Bitcoin

Norway today shows considerable interest in the cryptocurrency industry, and its richest representatives actively invest blood in it, developing the industry within the country.

Oystein Olsen, the Governor of the Norges Bank, based in Oslo, said he has no idea how Bitcoin today can replace money controlled by world banks.

Olsen noted that the main cryptocurrency on the market is too resource-intensive and expensive. And most importantly - too volatile. At the same time, the largest banks are able to ensure stability not only of national currencies, but also of the monetary system of the states globally.

While the head of the Norges Bank frowns at the mention of cryptocurrencies, one of the local businessmen - Hjell Inge Rekke suggested that Bitcoin will not only become entrenched in society, but also will be able to reach the mark of several million dollars.

Watching how Bitcoin develops and the entire industry built around it, the world's banks are trying to keep up, developing new approaches in the form of CBDC. Also known as the digital currencies of central banks.

The Norges bank intends to submit a report on its CBDC as early as April this year. The deputy Governor of the Norges bank, Ida Walden Bach, said that the main goal of creating its own cryptocurrency is to give people a way to pay effectively and safely in the equivalent of Norwegian kroner.

Oystein Olsen also mentioned that many central banks compare Bitcoin to the "tulip bubble" of the 17th century. But Olsen himself does not believe that the main cryptocurrency poses some kind of threat to central banks, although many of his colleagues are convinced otherwise.

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