Los Angeles Real Estate Agency akzeptiert Bitcoins

The head of the elite real estate agency Caruso Real Estate, admitted that they are now ready to accept payment for rent in the equivalent of Bitcoins. In return, they offer luxury apartments in different areas of Los Angeles.

The company used the Gemini crypto exchange to store corporate reserves and build an entire ecosystem related to digital currencies for its clients. The owner of Caruso Real Estate emphasised that they used the Winklevoss brothers' exchange as a "treasury strategy." Through collaboration with one of the largest American crypto exchanges, Caruso plans to further integrate digital currencies into his business for the convenience of consumers.

According to the businessman, this decision was one of the parts of a long-term plan for the next decade. Caruso is convinced that the company's close relationship with cryptocurrencies only reinforces the firm's belief in a bright future for digital currencies.

The spread of Bitcoin in the real estate industry began several years ago and soon more and more companies will appear, ready to gladly exchange their objects for your “digital gold”.

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