How to buy Bitcoin?

How to buy Bitcoin | Azondo allows you to easily

The future has already come: bitcoin, along with the usual money and cards, is becoming a popular tool for paying for goods and services. If some 10 years ago no one really knew about this cryptocurrency, today it is considered a real leader in the financial market.

The number of companies accepting Bitcoin as payment for their goods and services is increasing. Large financial organizations are showing interest in Bitcoin. Yes, Bitcoin has had ups and downs throughout its history, but it is constantly growing year by year.

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin. The most convenient and popular of them are stock markets and exchangers. Buying on a verified stock market through a verified account will take longer, but will ensure security. Transactions through exchangers and with sellers from the network are riskier options with their own advantages.

In order to buy Bitcoin, you must first perform certain steps:

Step 1. Decide on the purpose of the purchase.

This may be a one-time purchase with the aim of immediately sending Bitcoin as payment for some service or product, or it may be a long-term investment. Another purpose of buying Bitcoin is regular spending or trading. The main task here is to earn money by buying and selling Bitcoin on an ongoing basis, there can be no question of any particularly long-term storage.

Step 2. Select and create a wallet.

In order to buy Bitcoin, you first need to create a Bitcoin wallet. All of them are divided into two main categories: cold and hot. The former are suitable for long-term storage, while the latter are used for transactions and short-term storage. Cryptocurrencies can be kept in different wallets. One person can register an unlimited number of wallets.

Some of the most popular ones—, Coinbase, Jaxx, Exodus. After registration, you need to set up a wallet protection system by linking your email and phone number to it. In this case, even if someone steals your password, they most likely will not be able to get into the wallet: to log in, they will need to click on the link in the email and / or enter the code received by SMS.

Wallets offer customers a tool to restore access through a secret phrase — 12 randomly generated words that need to be written out on a piece of paper and stored in a secure place. After registering a wallet, you can use its number to receive bitcoins. You cannot trade in the wallet itself, it is used only for storing and transferring currency.

When buying your first Bitcoin, the transfer can be made through a bank card or payment systems: Kiwi, Webmoney, Yandex Money and so on.

Step 3. Choose the best purchase method.

Depending on this, specific actions will differ. Before buying a cryptocurrency, it is worth considering a plan for its use and storage options.

It may take several days between the decision to purchase Bitcoin and the moment of purchase due to long account verification.

The easiest way to invest in Bitcoin is cryptocurrency markets. The crypto market offers its services for the exchange and purchase of Bitcoin.

In order to buy Bitcoins on a crypto market, you need to open an account, verify your identity and top up your account in one of the ways that are possible on this exchange. Currently, there are about 300 cryptocurrency markets operating around the world.

  • Opening an account on Azondo.

It is quite simple for a beginner to register an account on the Estonian crypto exchange “Azondo". Azondo allows you to easily create a user account, confirm your identity (KYC), and purchase Bitcoin in a matter of minutes. As easy as that. As soon as the Bitcoin is in your Azondo wallet, you can withdraw it wherever you like. No matter if you are using your mobile phone or your desktop computer, Azondo is easy to use on every device.

Azondo is for sure one of the top options for EU citizens to purchase bitcoin quickly, safely, and easily. Customers from all European Union and Scandinavia can seamlessly use Azondo to purchase, store and withdraw Bitcoin. The only step users need to take is to sign up and create a verified user account.

Soon Azondo will add other leading cryptocurrencies to the platform to expand the platform offering.

More information can be found on the official Azondo website: