Auf dem Weg zum Positiven: Bitcoin hat die Messlatte von 52.000 US-Dollar überschritten

A positive trend is returning to the cryptocurrency market. At the beginning of the week, Bitcoin slowly but surely approached the $49,000 mark, rising from $43,000, and today managed to break through $52,000.

This news will surely delight all crypto fans. It is worth noting that the festive mood has been dragging on for them since December, when the main cryptocurrency began to actively rise in value and set a new historical maximum above $ 57,000.

Altcoins followed Bitcoin's lead and started to rise as well. Ethereum is up 4.5% and is now trading at $1,644. Cardano, which recently gained in value, is at 1.9% and costs $1.26. Binance Coin continued the baton with a price of $252 and a modest growth of 0.5%. The best result and superiority among the alts was rightfully received by Litecoin, whose growth was above 8%. The token is selling for $193.

The total capitalisation of the cryptocurrency market is $1.63 trillion. Recently, enthusiasts rejoiced at an important milestone in the history of cryptocurrencies - the achievement of a trillionth capitalisation.

The dollar index began to fall during the Asian session and now you can see an inverse correlation between the USD and Bitcoin. Capital goes into rather risky assets, therefore, the cryptocurrency sphere receives a considerable part of the funds, thanks to this process.

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