Harvard-Professor Kenneth Rogoff kritisiert Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been touted as a store of value in recent months. However, Kenneth Rogoff, professor of politics and economics at Harvard, is not sure if this is true

According to him, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have spread in countries with unstable economies. Bitcoin may have some value in the dystopian world of the future, but Governments are unlikely to allow anonymous transactions on a large scale. It is unacceptable.

It is worth noting that Bitcoin has stood a lot of criticism in its history:

  • Gold devotee Peter Schiff tweets frequently about the technology's failure.
  • Investor Warren Buffett once called bitcoin “rat poison in the square”.
  • Financial columnist Dennis Hartman is also not keen on Bitcoin.

Despite the claims of skeptics, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing. The Bitcoin price is still volatile, but the bulls managed to defend the 30 thousand symbol bar yesterday.