Deutsche Bank: 52% der Kunden glauben nicht an BTC von mehr als 60.000 USD im Jahr 2021

Deutsche Bank asked its clients to make forecasts about the price of the main cryptocurrency on the market, analysing the potential of its growth. Then he hurried to share with us the results of the study.

It was held for five days. The lion's share of those surveyed believe that Bitcoin will not be able to jump above $60,000 in 2021. This opinion was expressed by 52% of respondents.

On the other hand, 36% noted that the value of the asset in the next three months will fluctuate in the region of $60,000-$80,000. In one case, 69% of people agreed that Bitcoin could lose half of the current price this year.

Of all respondents, only 23% reported investing in Bitcoin. Of these, 40% are under 35 years of age and 13% are over 55 years old.

Analysts at Deutsche Bank said that by breaking the $1 trillion capitalisation mark, Bitcoin has become too important an asset and now it is simply unprofitable for large investors to ignore it. If the cryptocurrency continues to grow under the admonition of bullish sentiment, then we will see the appearance of even more players of the institutional level in the crypto market already this year.

However, according to analysts of the bank, the asset will have to move from potential to concrete results, like Tesla, having justified such a high price in the eyes of investors. Not to mention the dispelling of investors' doubts against the background of volatility of the main cryptocurrency in the market.

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