Der Krypto-Markt hat seit dem Schwarzen Donnerstag hart getroffen

The crypto market today is showing the toughest pullback since Black Thursday. This opinion was shared by one of the investment strategists Raoul Pal.

According to Pal, the relative strength indicator (RSI) of the main cryptocurrency in the market fell to alarming levels reminiscent of March a year earlier, also known as “Black Thursday”. The analyst believes that bitcoin is "late" to bounce back to previous values.

Another of the fears of the cryptocurrency community, according to Raoul, was the weekly relative strength indicator, which fell to the levels that preceded the 2017 bull rally. Before bitcoin began its journey to the moon.

The analyst conducted his analysis of the state of the main crypto-asset after falling by 15% this weekend, when bitcoin continued to fall from a temporary "stop" at $55,000, finding support at $47,200.

Glassnode analysts have also begun to get nervous about the depth of the potential pit into which Bitcoin is falling. They reported that the number of bitcoin addresses in temporary loss has now reached its 9-month high of nearly 6.5 million. But there is good news as well. Despite all the “highs”, 86% of bitcoin addresses are still in positive territory in the long term.

Other specialist William Clemente noted that almost 89 million was liquidated as part of trading on Asian exchanges on Monday morning due to short-term market growth.

Since mid-April, bitcoin has lost more than 27% compared to the record level of $65,000, but has now managed to recover its positions, leveling to $53,300 on the Binance exchange. We hope that we will not have another “crypto winter” against the backdrop of a hot summer outside the window.

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