Coinbase hat in 1,5 Monaten 3,4 Milliarden US-Dollar an BTC abgehoben

CryptoQuant analysts calculated how many bitcoins were withdrawn from the exchange over a period of six weeks. Now the number of BTC on the exchange is 770 thousand, not 865 thousand, as in December

One of the largest outflows of bitcoins was recorded on 02/01/2021. The CEO of CryptoQuant said more than 15,000 bitcoins were withdrawn from the exchange in one day. They were acquired by institutions through OTC.

Bitcoin traded at $32,400 on February 1st. It is possible that the investment company Guggenheim Partners acquired them.

According to the head of CryptoQuant, this is the strongest signal that a bull market is about to repeat. If the guys at Guggenheim really bought the bitcoins, bitcoin will soon be worth 32.4 million.