CEO von Celsius Network: Bitcoin kostet 160.000 US-Dollar

The first cryptocurrency took a big step today, breaking the mark of 63,000 dollars. The previous high was set in March. The price of cryptocurrency was $61,844

According to Alex Machinsky of Celsius Network, the price of Bitcoin will rise even more in 2021. The price will reach $160,000. This will be facilitated by inflation, economic problems, decisions taken by the authorities.

Also, do not forget that Bitcoin is not infinite. No more than 21 million tokens can be issued. And fiat currencies have an endless supply. That's the downside. After all, if at any moment the Government can print more money, their value is small.

Also, according to Mashinsky, Bitcoin is an attractive investment. The business sees BTC as a means of payment and savings.

You can get more information, register and start trading on Binance.

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