Bobby Lee prognostiziert einen Bitcoin-Preis von 300.000 US-Dollar

One of the famous cryptoanalysts, Bobby Lee, predicts the main cryptocurrency on the market cost 300,000 dollars. In the latest statement on the future price of Bitcoin, Li stressed that bullish growth has only begun, and 2021 will be special for digital currencies.

He said that by the summer of this year, the value of Bitcoin is able to break through an important psychological mark of 100,000 dollars, the achievements of which are expected by most crypto-enthusiasts.

But for 100,000, according to Lee, the price of the asset will not stop. They will only be the beginning of an even faster rise to $300,000 by the end of 2021. Naturally, between these phases of price growth for the main cryptocurrency will not do without "bear periods."

Lee noted that bull market cycles occur every four years, followed by an irrevocable period of falling prices or "cryptowinter." But then the market again increases turnover, and the value of Bitcoin increases tenfold. It was the same in 2017, when Bitcoin approached $20,000, after which the cryptocurrency industry went into the annual "bearish period." The value of BTC fell by 80% to $4,000.

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