Bitcoin auf dem Xbox-Fragebogen von Microsoft

Microsoft often surveys its users, constantly trying to improve existing services and connect new ones. In one of these surveys, a Twitter user mentioned Bitcoin.

To the question in the questionnaire: "What is the method of payment for purchases in the Microsoft Store on Xbox?", one of the answers, in addition to debit cards, was Bitcoin.

It may very well be that the survey is just a test of what percentage of console gamers seriously intend to pay for digital products bought from Microsoft in the equivalent of cryptocurrencies. But it is also possible that this is the first sign of the company's plans to introduce Bitcoin as a means of payment in the near future.

The photo quickly interested the players and spread across several subreddits, including r/Bitcoin.and r/ethtrader. Given that the survey is available on Xbox Insider to test Xbox updates, we can assume that Bitcoin calculations could appear in the Microsoft Store as early as this year.

According to Microsoft President Brad Smith's latest statement on cryptocurrencies, the company has no plans to invest in them yet, following the example of other American tech giants like Tesla.

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