Bitcoin überschreitet die 61.000-Dollar-Marke

Suddenly for everyone, Bitcoin today broke through the $61,276 mark, increasing its daily market volume to $57 billion.

The weekend kicked off in a green light for the main cryptocurrency on the market. Last night its price on Binance was $58,397 and has now hit $60,678.

Judging by the movement and bullish sentiment of the market, Bitcoin seriously intends to test the levels of $61-$62,000, and then consolidate around $60,500.

While the main cryptocurrency was growing, the market recorded the liquidation of $447 million in Bitcoin equivalent. This was reported by analysts from Bybt, who noted that in 4 hours there were many short positions in Bitcoins on the world's largest crypto exchanges. Glassnode, in turn, clarified that more than $163.7 million in Bitcoin equivalent was liquidated in just one hour.

Many financial experts associate the bullish rally with the fact that the interest of institutions in the face of large American financial structures has continued and that for the first time in six months, miners have finally begun to save money, instead of selling the mined coins.

Analysts disagree. Some say that Bitcoin will not be able to overcome the $60,000 resistance level as quickly as the crypto community wants. Others, on the contrary, are convinced that after breaking through the $60,000 mark, the main cryptocurrency on the market will be able to show us even more records in the shortest possible time. According to them, the bears will not be able to hold back BTC for long and after exceeding $60,600 on Binance, it will pick up "running speed" again.

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