Binance CEO: Bitcoin ist 400.000 US-Dollar wert

A variety of factors influence the price of a cryptocurrency. Including news background and blogosphere. Yesterday Elon Musk posted the tag “Bitcoin” on his Twitter profile, and this drove the first cryptocurrency to growth. CZ Binance did this today

Changpeng Zhao wrote that yesterday's success of the cryptocurrency, when Bitcoin rose in price to $37,000, is not the limit. According to him, this is just a pathetic semblance of the real price of Bitcoin. The launch pad from which it starts to its real price indicator.

CZ has always been optimistic about the first cryptocurrency, and as we can see, his long-term predictions are coming true. According to him, Bitcoin is constantly moving forward. The new high confirms that BTC has no cap. There is no factor that would limit its growth.

Other cryptocurrencies are growing along with Bitcoin. The DeFi and DApps industry is growing, which is driving a second cryptocurrency, Ethereum. This means that the price increase is supported by real interest in projects. So CZ Binance is confident that the “big wave” of cryptocurrencies hasn't arrived yet.