141 neue Bitcoin-Wale in 21 Tagen: BTC startet wie eine Rakete!

The decline in Bitcoin’s value has confused many in the past week. There are rumors about an imminent bear market, but at the moment there is information about the opposite trend

According to data from Glassnode, over the past three weeks, 141 new whales have entered the cryptosphere. Now the number of wallets with at least 1000 BTC has increased many times over.

This means that large investors do not dump Bitcoin as alarmists say. On the contrary, BTC is stored pending a price correction in the near future.

Retail investors can now influence the price of Bitcoin. Those who are less optimistic can sell them. By doing so, they simply enable institutional investors to buy cryptocurrency at discounted prices.

This was already the case in 2018, when the coin fell in price, retail investors were selling their assets. But the whales made huge profits after the market recovered.

At press time, BTC has dropped 14.56% over the week and the price has dropped below $35,000. The cryptocurrency is trading at $32,236. With continued bearish pressure, the value of the cryptocurrency may decrease below $30 thousand.

Further, the nearest support point is $28,000. It will be able to support the cryptocurrency in case of a serious pullback. A fall to this figure is possible, but a decline to $20,000, according to many analysts, is unlikely. Whale activities will be of great support!



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