WazirX auf Anfrage für DOGE: Wir dachten, es wäre ein Cyberangriff!

The Boom Dogecoin is spreading at the speed of light. Representatives of the Indian crypto-exchange WazirX say they barely have time to repay the growing demand

In just a couple of days, on May 3-5, the volume of transactions on the stock exchange has increased threefold. According to the CEO, the team of the cryptocurrency platform initially thought that a cyberattack was being carried out.

One of the automated systems designed to combat fraudsters recorded too high traffic and took measures to restrict access to the exchange.

This led to users being thrown out of the accounts from time to time, and users had to re-enter the app. However, as it turned out, this is just demand from retail investors.

Thanks to the cryptocurrency boom, the company grew by 300% in 2021. Historical highs in transaction volumes, number of active users and other indicators have increased.

With this sudden growth, there may be failures. Basically, users complain that they can't get OTP authentication and get a message from tech support. These problems are related to the large volume of transactions processed by the site.

Actually, technical problems caused by the influx of investors in cryptocurrency, experienced not only the exchange WazirX, but also such a popular platform as RobinHood.

This emphasizes that DOGE has crossed the line of obscurity and has become a truly popular coin. Let's hope that all investors in DOGE will achieve their goals!

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