Diese Altcoins sind um 3.000% und 6.000% gestiegen

Altcoins resemble mythical phoenixes - they burst into bright prices, after which they leave only a pile of ash and a sharp drop in their value. Previously useless tokens become a relic for enthusiasts. But sometimes even professional analysts cannot explain why their “boom” is taking place.

Over the past week, there have been several altcoins at once, literally emerging from the bottom of the market.

The first of them was KARMA - a token of the eponymous project of a decentralized social network. The coin was launched in 2018 on the EOS network and later moved to the WAX ​​blockchain. The token price has increased by more than 6500% - from $ 0.000460 to $ 0.030760. Trading volume just exploded 35,000% in less than a few days. If earlier it was about $ 2, now it is as much as $ 710. Liquidity is not that obvious now, is it?

It's funny that the project team has not shown signs of life in the official Telegram channel in recent days, and from 2018 to 2020 the project managed to lose 99% of the cost. The last posts on the Twitter account of the decentralized social network were posted back in June 2020.

The second lucky altcoin is EGG. The Nestree project started in 2019 and was conceived as a decentralized messenger with the concept of rewarding its users. The team's Twitter account was updated much more than the previous record holder. There is even one publication for 2021 from early February that presents a roadmap for the project!

The coin's value broke the 3018% mark, rising from $ 0.005511 to $ 0.171872. Moreover, more than 1500% of the total growth occurred within 5 minutes. Which, to put it mildly, hints at not very organic growth. More than $ 7 million, or 96% of the total volume, were traded on South Korean Bithumb paired with won.

In total, there are over 10,000 downloads of the Nestree app on Google Play, but users are not too happy with the need to provide personal information. For example, mobile phone numbers. Some boldly noted that developer requirements are fundamentally different from blockchain principles.

As you can see, the Atlanteans are able to straighten their shoulders. But is it just by their own efforts, and not thanks to a handful of speculators who consider themselves more cunning than the rest?

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