Die Monero-Community möchte drei Tesla Model 3 mit XMR kaufen

The Monero community is asking Tesla to add XMR as a means of payment

The petition collected the right number of votes and was submitted to the most popular bitcoin investor in recent days.



This step, according to many cryptocurrency owners, will be able to provide fresh air in the cryptosphere. Now it is especially important to support anonymous coins, as in the recent past they suffered from mass delisting from many exchanges.

If the XMR is added as a payment method, the Tesla effect will work. And the price of Monero tokens will go after ETH, DOGE and BTC. Moreover, the petition says that both sides will benefit from this.

The community through crowdfunding will raise funds to buy three new Tesla Model 3 cars worth fifty thousand dollars each, if it is possible to pay for the purchase in XMR. At the same time, coin holders even agree to purchase cars with a premium to the usual price of $30 190-47 190.

If Elon Musk agrees to the offer, the purchased cars will be donated to a charitable foundation. Community members will vote on Twitter using the tag "Tesla4XMR."