Dogecoin Core 1.21 wird Cryptocurrency Blockchain bald aktualisieren

Amid a surge in interest, an increase in the price of DOGE and the overall capitalisation of the project, four developers of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin have started a series of improvements to the project's code

According to the leading developer, despite the meme status of the cryptocurrency, its creators devote a lot of time to work on improving their project.

Demand is growing, and we are trying to match it. We will work on the stability of the blockchain, so that Dogecoin can work freely in the conditions of increased user activity.

Due to the high popularity of cryptocurrency, it is difficult to synchronise wallets. This affected the scalability of the project. In this regard, it is planned to add some data to the cryptocurrency code and create Dogecoin Core 1.21. 

The Dogecoin crypto appeared in late 2013 as one of the forks of Litecoin. Unlike BTC, this project is protected from ASIC miners by another Scrypt algorithm.

At the beginning of February 2021, the number of nodes in the blockchain network has grown from a couple of hundred to one and a half thousand. The last big update was in 2019. So the dogecoin team's efforts are now just the right thing to do!

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