Die Bürger von Tarogramma

Damien Chifelli is a multidisciplinary visual artist who has exhibited in international exhibitions and has received many awards. 

Each of his NFTs serves as an artifact from the virtual world of Tarogramma, a place that lives in parallel with our own real world. This is a hidden place that researchers have been looking for for centuries; Some consider it an inaccessible, forgotten city, others - an afterlife, and many - a completely fictional city. 

Damien Chifelli returned to Crypto.‌com / NFT with the second drop after the release of the Tarogramma Archive collection. In this universe, collectors are archaeologists, discovering new elements of the forgotten city as they are created. The second edition of Tarogramma artifacts in a unique NFT form explores the people inhabiting the fictional hidden world of Tarogram.

Two posters; "Let the planet breathe" and "Just remember to breathe" - show citizens Tarogram on advertising posters about the pandemic. 


“3 pm at Amen Break” features a scene depicting normal life in the city and the passage of time.


Collectors will have the opportunity to own these artifacts and images - parts of an alternate world and be fictional archaeologists, discovering new elements of the Tarogramma universe as they emerge. 

Discover the secrets of Tarogramma and add some of this fascinating NFT project to your collection by exploring the latest version of Cifelli now . 

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