Der Besitzer von CryptoPunk #6046 weigerte sich, Token für 9,78 Millionen US-Dollar zu verkaufen

The owner of NFT from the popular CryptoPunk collection backed out of a deal worth more than 9 million in exchange for his non-fungible token.

The owner of CryptoPunk token #6046 turned down an offer to buy his art object for 2,500 ETH, the equivalent of $9.78 million on Huobi. The current owner of the token, known under the pseudonym Richerd, stated that the token is not for sale and he does not care what is offered for it.

The cost of a non-fungible token is so overpriced due to the fact that it has a number of visual features. So, only 3% of the CryptoPunks collection tokens have 3D glasses, 4% have an identical hairstyle, and 10% of “punks” have a cigarette.

Richerd said on his Twitter account that his bid has now been flagged as “withdrawn” on Larva Labs. In case the owner of NFT accepted it, this sale could be the loudest in the history of the industry.

To date, sales of the CryptoPunks collection of 10,000 digital “NFT-punks” have exceeded 551,000 ETH or $2.15 billion. At the same time, the average cost of one token increased from $61,000 to $458,000.

Some members of the cryptocurrency community tried to convict the owner of the NFT in collusion. However, according to him, although he corresponded with the buyer, he did not know that he would make such a generous offer to him.

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