Data Transceiver Chip, 100 Times Faster Than 5G Was Created
Scientists from the University of California have developed a new-generation transceiver that can process digital signals much faster and more efficiently than any existing analogs on the market. To realize the real potential of this development, imagine that its data transfer speed is more than 100 times higher than the speed of the 5G technology that has not yet been officially launched. It is also worth remarking that this chip is more energy-efficient than the 5G chip. This transceiver works at a frequency above 100 GHz, it is important to understand that such frequencies have just recently been open for use. This is the first device in the world that works with a similar frequency. For comparison, the 5G operates in the range of 28-38 GHz. The presence of transmitters and receivers that process high-frequency signals is vital for the development of wireless technologies, such as the Internet of things or smart cities. Of course, this technology is at a very early stage of its development, but it clearly shows that humanity has not yet reached the limit in data transfer speed and that we have room to grow.