The Telegram Users' Confidential Information Appeared On The Darknet

The personal information of a huge number of users of the popular Telegram messenger was found in one of the darknet forums.

The size of the database

To date, the total number of victims whose data is in this database is still not clear. This database includes phone numbers, unique identifiers, and nicknames of messenger users. This database is huge, about 900 Mb.

Telegram representatives comment

The company did not deny it, the developers explained that this kind of information can be collected by abusing the built-in contact import feature when registering a new user. They assured that the most part of confidential information is no longer relevant.

“More than 84% of the data was collected before mid-2019. Most of the accounts in this database - at least 60% - contain irrelevant data. This means that last year we were able to significantly reduce the scale and speed of this type of abuse,” the Telegram press service informs.

Which countries have suffered the most?

Telegram representatives say almost 70% of users whose personal data were in this database are Iranians, the remaining 30% are from Russia.

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