Telecom S.A Was Hacked: Criminals Demand A Ransom Of $7.5 Million

Unknown cybercriminals hacked Telecom S.A, the largest telecommunications company in Argentina. They are asking for a ransom of $7.5 million in private cryptocurrency Monero.

Where is this coming from?

The information was published on the official page of the famous crypto-trader Alex Krüger.

What was compromised?

This hack did not affect the company's clients and it will not affect the services in any way. The company lost access to Office365 and OneDrive files, as well as some of its internal documents.

Hacker requirements

The cybercriminals set a deadline: if the management of Telecom S.A does not pay by tomorrow night (July 21, 2020), then the ransom amount will be doubled.

To date, company representatives did not comment on their plan to resolve the incident.