Spartan Protocol Hacked and Stole $30 Million

Another project in BSC (Binance Smart Chain) lost funds due to hacker attack

Through the efforts of the attacker who attacked the liquidity mining pool SPARTA/WBNB, the project lost $30 million of tokens.

According to the team, the fraudster spent about $61 million in the BNB to use an unknown mechanism to steal $30 mln worth of tokens.

Due to the theft of funds, the token of the sparta project fell by a third to $1.17. In view of the discovery of this vulnerability, the project will conduct a software update.

According to statistics, this is one of the biggest thefts among DeFi projects. There are five projects ahead in a kind of anti-rating:

  • EasyFi $59 mln.
  • Uranium Finance $57.2 mln.
  • Kucoin $45 mln.
  • Alpha Finance $37.5 mln.
  • Meerkat Finance 32 mln.

The total amount of funds stolen from six projects exceeds $260 million.

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