Sharktron Used TRON To Scam

In recent years, crypto scams have become increasingly common. Sharktron carried out the scam using TRON and raised $10 million.

In September, an anonymous developer under the pseudonym Daniel Wood released the Sharktron ICO on the Tron blockchain. Ostensibly to create an autonomous and decentralised community to unleash the potential of DeFi on Tron. Simply put, Sharktron is positioning itself as a farming platform, a concept well known in the Ethereum blockchain.

Many Internet users have called this a scam before. Since upon closer inspection Sharktron saw many suspicious non-docking. But after the shutdown of Sharktron's site, suspicions only intensified and sparked numerous rumors of fraud.

Shortly after the shutdown, the Tron Foundation issued an official statement confirming Sharktron's fraud. The Tron Foundation also contacted Binance to try to freeze the withdrawal. However, no information about the freezing of funds was published. It is difficult to assess the amount of damage now. But it is assumed that the amount of damage is at least 414 million Turkish lira, which is approximately equal to 8.8 million euros.

Many Internet users have accused Sun and the Tron Foundation of being involved in the scam. Sun did list the Sharktron token on its DEX JustSwap, despite multiple suspicions of fraud.