Scammers hacked a large YouTube channel to advertise a fake bitcoin giveaway

 On August 5, Jon Prosser tweeted information about a hacker attack on his Front Page Tech channel with 262 thousand subscribers.

Hackers received donations in BTC

A tech insider reported that the scammers started streaming to 40,000 viewers and earned at least $4,000. 

twitter jon prosser

In addition, the hackers changed the name of the channel to “NASA [news]” and deleted an old video from seven years ago. Two hours after Jon Prosser learned of the loss of control of his channel, the YouTube administration blocked Front Page Tech. The channel remains inactive at the moment. Jon said in a tweet that he would have to wait several weeks to regain access. 

Scammers managed to hack two-factor authentication

Hackers have been active on YouTube for several months now, posing as Elon Musk, Ripple director Brad Garlinghouse and Steve Wozniak. The latter two have already filed lawsuits against the video hosting.

However, the Front Page Tech hack is especially surprising as the scammers managed to swap a SIM card and go through two-factor authentication (2FA). 
Interestingly, the attack took place the day after Scott Melker's call to  “never use SMS verification as a part of your 2FA”, but use an authenticator on your mobile phone.