Ngrave Conducted a Cybersecurity Audit of 1400 Users

Hardware wallet developer, Ngrave finds that a quarter of the measures cryptocurrency holders use to protect their wallets are simply useless.

During the study, 1,400 cryptocurrency users from 78 countries were interviewed. Parameters of the sample of respondents were 90% male, 60% age 25–45 years.

Research results.

  • 62% keep part of their funds on exchanges
  • ⅓ holds 40% of its assets on the exchange
  • 96% use 2FA authentication
  • ¼ does not make a backup copy of the 2FA code
  • 44% do not add withdrawal addresses to the white list
  • ⅔ use a hardware wallet (for ¾ these are USB devices)
  • 87% make a test transaction before a large transfer of funds
  • 67% keep a hard copy of their keys
  • 50% understand that their keys will be compromised if the backup falls into the wrong hands

Follow the link to take a survey and get recommendations on how to improve the security of your cryptocurrency.