Mikri Zhang Accuses Jihan Wu Of A Very Serious Crime

Mikri Zhang, the co-founder of Bitmain, China's largest mining equipment manufacturer, accused his former business partner of stealing 10,000 ASICs.

Where is this coming from?

The information appeared on the official Bitmain channel in the WeChat messenger. As a matter of fact, this channel is fully controlled by Mikri Zhang.

What happened?

From the information provided by WeChat, on the night of July 15-16 of this year, about 10 thousand devices were removed from one of the company's enterprises located in Mongolia in an unknown direction.

Where are the miners?

Mikri Zhang accuses Jihan Wu of this crime, he claims that the latter caused significant damage to the company. Today the location of a large batch of mining equipment is still unknown. Law enforcement agencies started an investigation.