MetaMask will search for stolen digital assets

The MetaMask wallet team has partnered with Asset Reality to help victims of crypto theft recover their funds.

The Asset Reality company is engaged in investigations in the cryptosphere, aimed at returning funds stolen by hackers. In partnership with MetaMask, the company will create a list of addresses of victims of fraud in order to track the movement of funds, block and return them to their owners.

The main victims of hacker attacks, according to the crypto wallet team, are participants in phishing campaigns. They follow links on the network left by attackers to participate in an airdrop or promotion. However, when they log in, the hacker steals cryptocurrency from their MetaMask account.

To get help, they need to apply for an investigation. MetaMask will forward information about phishing sites and lost funds to Asset Reality employees. They will study the data, investigate the violation and engage in personal communication with the victims.

The platform will also feature a range of educational tools and materials aimed at raising user awareness of the dangers of phishing attacks.

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