iOS Vulnerability Allows Data Theft

The iOS operating system is vulnerable to storing exchange data.

The iOS 'Mail' vulnerability allows hackers to steal data, including personal data used during registration, including on cryptocurrency exchange sites. Cybersecurity company ZecOps has reported a vulnerability in the iOS operating system. 

A vulnerability in an email application could allow access to email through various providers. The device can be accessed through emails with special attachments sent by e-mail. Note that activation of the malicious program is possible even before the message is fully downloaded. When consuming a large amount of memory of an iPhone or iPad, the virus causes a short-term system crash. 

Attackers using the "hole" in the iOS operating system to gain access to the device. And thanks to the flaw, steal photos and media files, contact information, edit and delete user letters, get information about the data used when registering on the cryptocurrency exchange site.

ZecOps claims that this problem has existed since 2012, starting with Apple iOS 6. The vulnerability was also identified in the operating system iOS 11, 12 and 13. The vulnerability affected residents of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, Europe and residents of other regions ...

Apple has been notified of a vulnerability. By taking emergency measures, we were able to partially eliminate the vulnerability. Apple has issued a recommendation advising owners of Apple devices to install an updated iOS, disable automatic data download using the push method in the Encryption and Account menu, switch to an alternative email client and change passwords of course.