India: 96 people arrested for extortion of BTC

96 people were arrested in Delhi (India). They were charged with extorting BTC from foreigners. According to the police, more than 4.5 thousand people were deceived

Attackers have created illegal call centers. They called victims posing as police officers or representatives of US government agencies: the Social Security Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Marshal Service.

The victim was informed by telephone that illegal transactions were carried out with her accounts (for example, drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia were financed), and now she faces arrest and loss of all funds in her accounts.

After the victim was thoroughly intimidated, she was offered two options - go to court or share financial information (accounts, account balances).

Further, the victims were informed that all the money from the accounts needed to buy bitcoins and send them to be stored in secure government wallets. Understandably, BTC went to the accounts of the attackers.

After several complaints, Indian police investigated. It turned out that one call center was operating in the Moti Nagar area in western Delhi. It employed 54 people. The second, with 42 employees, operated in Piragarhi.

All members of the criminal gang were arrested. During searches in the premises of the call centers, 89 PCs and a server were seized. Illegal activity has been stopped!