Hackers Attacked TRON

During the planned update of version 4.1, a hacker attack was carried out on the TRON network. As a result of the attack, the production of new blocks and the transmission of transactions in the network were stopped for several hours. The attack occurred on November 2 at 6:14 pm and lasted for about three hours until 9:40 am Hong Kong time.

TRON CEO Justin Sun confirmed on Twitter that TRON has been hacked.

'' Having withstood a large-scale hacker attack, TRON has once again proven that it is a decentralised network with the highest capabilities and security in the industry. The data in the blocks remains intact, and the user assets are completely safe. ''

He also urged users not to panic and stay active on the network.

But despite all the assurances and guarantees, after Justin Sun's tweet, the price of TRX fell by almost 3%.

TRON has not officially made a statement about the attack. The community only learned of the perfect hacker attack from @justinsuntron Twitter account.

The hackers carried out the attack using the clearance provided by the contract developer. Made malicious transactions and forced an authorised TRON representative responsible for accounting and transaction verification to stop the production of new blocks.

Over the years, the TRON project has been and remains the subject of various controversies, usually due to activities carried out on social media. The blockchain project leader even argued that TRON's capabilities are far superior to those of Ethereum, comparing TRON's pros and Ethereum's cons. Which was immediately criticised by industry experts.

TRON has also been accused of stealing Ethereum white pages, as well as the code of other projects. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin confirmed these allegations with the help of independent security experts.

Given that the project's reputation in the community is somewhat unstable, market sentiment could continue to reflect uncertainty until the details of the attack are fully disclosed.